Financial Support



Get personally involved with the LN-4 prosthetic hand project: become an LN-4 Project Leader or and LN-4 up with another Rotary Club or other Rotarians and friends that can travel, learn how to fit LN-4 hands, be part of your team.


Click this link to learn the steps to Become a LN-4 Ambassador...

In addition:
1. You may want to acquire and carry a "demo" LN-4 hand, our brochures, a sample publicity poster, a photo album, some business cards, or some other artifact that works for you when you visit other Rotary club, and especially when you travel. You can take even a short opportunity to offer a few details about what we do.

2. You may want to speak, as the featured program, about our LN-4 work when you visit another Rotary Club when you travel, to establish a connection to that club's leadership and with the goal of starting a new LN-4 project.

3.  Many Rotary clubs, we know, have members who travel internationally - find and work with these members when you contact or visit a potential partner Rotary club and request meeting time to make a brief pitch - a proposal - to have two clubs work together and to bring LN-4 prosthetics to those who need and can benefit, where ever that is. Everyone interested can learn about/self-prepare for becoming an LN-4 Ambassador.


revised - August 2014