Financial Support

LN-4 Support

We love your interest in our work with the LN-4 hands. We can think of many ways you might work with us, and we list here some of the ways you might wish to support the LN-4 Foundation(EMPHF). Please contact us directly if you have other wishes or thoughts.

Please read our list. 

You can send money, of course, either using PayPal or by mailing us a check. With PayPal you can use your credit card or your own PayPal account. PayPal

To send us a check, write your check - payable to: EMPH Foundation

...then mail it to us at this address:

Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation
77 Van Ness Ave,
Suite 101, Box 1908,
San Francisco, CA 94102

Be sure in both cases that we know whether you have specific wishes regarding your gift. We will send 'thank you' letters or recognition letters when we know who the gift is from, for, or in the name of, as you tell us.

We list four financial levels of support here.
1. $50: simple donation.

2. $50-$1000: We pay alot for the assembly, delivery, shipping, travel and logistical expenses for each hand. We handle a large number of hands and any financial gift you can manage will help us.
3. $100/ month: We have ongoing expenses for postage, office machines,  world wide shipping, storage of supplies and inventory.
4. $10,000 - $100,000: We have larger expenses involving manufacture of our plastic parts steel molds, which once completed we then own.

We are in the process now of designing, prototyping, and contracting for a second, slightly larger, LN-4 hand - if you wish to be involved, possibly with the finances, we welcome your interest at any level and are happy to discuss the details

We are happy to offer these special opportunities to get involved and support the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation:

1. For Profit Organizations: Experience the Odyssey Teams Inc. Leadership and Teambuilding program ; you may have read recently about "Helping Hands" in many industry publications.

2. Non-profit groups: Contact Odyssey Teams Inc. regarding LN-4 hands assembly programs, at a reduced cost.

3. Help at our LN-4 offices in Vallejo(CA) for a few afternoons - send us an email : .

4. Help us find LN-4 recipients around the world.  If you have special connections globally to medical, Rotary, professional, travel or other global outreach programs contact us - .

 - we do not act as travel agents, but if you travel internationally we may ask you to carry LN-4 Foundation materials and to collect contact information for us when you travel. Ask us about a LN-4 Travel Kit: . Let us know where you are going that you thnk we might be able to start a project.

 - if you have special knowledge of projects and organizations that may act as partners with us, where ever they are, we are interested in your support to make initial contact.

5. Please read about LN-4 Volunteers.

LN-4 Speakers and Special Programs

1. We offer speakers, subject to availablity, to give a talk about our LN-4 work, with video and photos. Most of us are in northern California, but contact us and perhaps there is someone in your area.

2. We are seeking speaking opportunities, especially in the San Francisco area and northern California, to tell the LN-4 story. This is one way we grow; by letting people know what we have done,  what we plan to do, and how we have done it. Email us: