Recent News/Delivery Progress

Please go to FaceBook, LN-4 Prosthetic Hands, for the latest information; we only update those pages regularly and frequently. We have become so active and have so many projects that it is too slow and effort consuming to update the web site with this information.

Of course if you have a specific question please email us.  


 Here are only some of our recent(dated!!) and developing activities around the world. And more teams and projects are scheduled in the coming months of 2013, 2014, and beyond.

125 LN-4 hands are being delivered to friends in Afghanistan for fitting and training there.

100 LN-4 scheduled for Guadalajara in May 2013, by Rotarians

150 LN-4 hands delivered to Bangalore for the January 2013 fitting Camp

100 LN-4 hands delivered and fit in Danang and Hue in February 2013.

350 LN-4 hands delivered and fit in Danang, Hue and Hanoi in March 2013.

In November 2012, 50 hands delivered and fit in Tanzania.

60 LN-4 hands delivered and fit in Kathmandu, Nepal in December 2012, by Rotary Clubs and Rotaract Kathmandu - Midtown.
150 hands fit in two project in Nepal, by the AMM teams, in November 2012.
55 hands fit by the Rotary Club of Guadalajara, in October 2012.
25 LN-4 hands fit in Ibague, Colombia in fall 2012.
350 LN-4 hands delivered and fit, in 5 locations in Vietnam in March 2012, working with Caritas, and the team from D5160

85 LN-4 delivered and fit in Bangalore, India in January 2012, working with RC Bangalore Peeyna and Jaipur Foundation

25 LN-4 Hands delivered to David, Panama, in March, for a fitting event in July 2012, working with RC of David

90 LN-4 hands delivered in May for fitting in June, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for fitting in June, working with the RC of Capital City, 2012

50 hands carried to Zimbabue, Republic of Congo, for fitting in various locations, by Rotary Club of Chico(D5160), in April 2012

Starting in March, Monthly fitting clinics in Domincan Republic, RC of San Francisco, hands delivered by RC of New York, and the RC Dublin AM (Ohio), in 2012

20 hands delivered and fitting training for 20 volunteers, in Mae Sot, Thailand, in May 2012

50 hands delivered to Saigon Caritas, for fitting in various locations, in May 2012

50 hands delivered, 28 hands fit, in Mazatlan, Mexico in March, 2012

100 hands delivered to La Junta in Guayaquil, Ecuador, for a fitting event in August 2012, working with the RC of Guayaquil

20 LN-4 hands fit in Arequipa, Peru in 2012, working with the RC Arequipa Oeste, and the Rotaract Aquipa



* Spring 2012  ...Guayaquil, Ecuador - 200 hands delivered to La Junta Foundation 
* January 3- 12, 2012  ...Bangalor, India - 100 hands delivered
* December 3, 2011 ..Cali, Colombia  - 100 hands delivered
* November 13, 2011, Mali, 36 hands delivered
* Bogota Area, Colombia ...September 23-October 3, 2011
... LN-4 team of 5, 6 cities, 14 Rotary Clubs, 9 days, 126 fittings, 200 hands, and a 100% awesome project
Lima, Arequipa, Cusco(Peru) March 2011

Danang, Saigon(Vietnam) March 2011

Bangalore, India- January 5-15, 2011

Guayaquil(Ecuador)  June 2011

Philippines(AMM) November 2010

Porto Viejo (Ecuador) August 2010

Guayaquil, Ecuador - April 9, 2010
Loja, Ecuador - April 12, 2010

Cuenca, Ecuador - April 13, 2010

Galapagos, Ecuador - April 14, 2010

Cali, Colombia - May 22, 2010

Pasto, Colombia - May 22, 2010

Popayan, Colombia - May 22, 2010








The Jaipur Foundation, Offering the low cost Jaipur foot in many locations around the world, has invited the Ln-4 Foundation provide LN-4 hands at their new Center in Haiti. 


The invitation includes the invitation to provide hands in as many Jaipur locations as we can manage around the world. The details and training will be worked out as better for everyone. The Ln-4 hands are always provided at no cost.


LN-4 Ambassador Seminar

We periodically conduct LN-4 Ambassador seminars, where our training is provided for the LN-4 fitting and for LN-4 event organization.


The training provides the information and materials needed to make LN-4 presentations on behalf of the foundation and includes the LN-4 Ambassador Kit.


If you are interested please contact us -


Additional LN-4 Locations

We are seeking new projects and new developments in all location where recipients can be identified. Contact us about your interests.

Please send us the LN-4 news you want to have included. Updates and stories are always welcomed. We want to hear from you! 

We publish LN-4 Newsletters regularly, to report all our activities - go to Resource Documents where they are archived.

updated: May 2013