Meet our Board of Directors

The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation (EMPHF) incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 organization on April 4, 2006 with three board members. We now have a Board of Directors with five board members, and an Advisory Board of Directors, with two members. We are all volunteers, on both boards, with no paid staff.

Michael Mendonça, President,

Candy Pierce, Treasurer,

Lain Hensley,

Victor Georgiou, 

Jim Yoder, Vice-President,


The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation (EMPHF)

Board of Directors

Michael Mendonça, EMPHF president, was co-owner of StackPlastics, Inc., located in Menlo Park, which manufactures the component plastic parts of the hand for the foundation. Michael introduced the LN-4 to Rotary through his club in Pleasant Hill, CA, and, with his wife Janet, has taken the LN-4 project to Vietnam, several countries in Africa, and India, to introduce it to others and to perfect our procedure of outreach and delivery.  He is a passionate and inspiring spokesperson for the work of the LN-4 foundation.

Candy Pierce first became involved with the LN-4 Foundation when she served as District Governor of Rotary International District 5160, in 2006-2007. While District Governor she lead the effort to pilot the LN-4 project within her district and in that year raised funds for hands and the first design mold series. But her most valuable result is the ongoing support of the 73 Rotary clubs in District 5160 for the LN-4 project.  She also introduced the program to Rotary District 5000 in Hawaii that year, and to the RC of Portland (Maine) also.

Candy comes to the board with extensive not-for-profit experience; Candy has worked with or served on the boards of a number of organizations beyond Rotary, including American Red Cross, NorthBay Healthcare Foundation, CASA of Solano County, and Kids’ Country.

Lain Hensley was introduced to the LN-4 project at a leadership conference by Candy Pierce when she was District Governor of Rotary International District 5160.  Lain has traveled from Poland to Australia and all over the US for 18 years teaching facilitation skills to internal trainers, developing training programs for regional and global leadership teams, and leading teambuilding and motivational programs for Fortune 500 companies top leadership.

Lain is well positioned to use his many client relationships to help support the mission of the LN-4 Foundation and expand the exposure of the project and the distribution network.  Lain has inspired his clients to sponsor over 5,000 hands since he was introduced to the LN-4 and is only gaining momentum.  He has combined his love of learning with his passion for making a difference in the world.

Victor Georgiou...(TBD) 


Jim Yoder is Vice-President of the Foundation, a Rotarian in Rotary Club of Walnut Creek Sunrise(D5160), currently editor-publisher of the posts on Facebook/LN4hands) and handles maintenance of Jim also receives and distributes all the email.

Jim speaks to Rotary Clubs, and other organizations, about the LN-4 program, develops new distribution projects of LN-4 prosthetic hands in new locations, supports established LN-4 fitting efforts and conducts LN-4 Ambassador Seminars, occasional and as needed.

Jim has taken the LN-4 to Vietnam five+ times (he speaks fluent Vietnamese and is married to Chau, who focuses on LN-4 Volunteer and Recipient Trainings). They, together, have taken the LN-4 project and Rotary teams to Vietnam, Jordan, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru. Jim continues to develop the documents, letter, videos, photos and processes to help organize LN-4 teams, deliveries and fitting events in new locations.


Advisory Board of Directors

First and foremost, Ernie Meadows is an industrial designer with many years(100) of experience. Ernie worked for many years to develop the functional, inexpensive, below elbow prosthetic hand which we now know as the LN-4.  Originally designed for young victims of land mines, it has benefitted hundreds of people, children and adults, beyond the original intent. 

The LN-4 prosthetic was created to honor the memory of Ellen Meadows, daughter of Ernie and Marj Meadows, who died in an automobile accident at 18.  The name LN is shorthand for Ellen.

 Maurice LeBlanc is our advisor on the world of prosthetics, and co-collaborator with Ernie.  A mechanical engineer from Stanford University, “Mo” is the recipient of the life time achievement award by his national professional organization in recognition of his significant personal contributions and engineering design innovations in the field of prosthetics.  He is especially interested in upper limb prosthetics, and he and Ernie continue to work on innovations in prosthetics that our foundation may be able to offer in the future.


Special Category 

Art Fine,  is our General Counsel.


revised: May 2013